About Us

A Somali Think Tank

The Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy –  (Mac’hadka Darasaadka Amniga iyo Diblomaasiyada Somaliyeed)

The Institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD) is an independent think tank engaged in cutting edge defence, security and public diplomacy engagement for practical Protocols training and research to empower Somali statecraft. A unique institution, founded in 2011 by concerns voiced by the Somali governance practitioners; SIRAD embodies nearly two decades of forward thinking, free discussion and careful reflection on defence, diplomacy and security matters. The complexity of today’s security and diplomatic issues demands innovative ways of thinking. SIRAD has earned a regional reputation as a Somali statecraft leader in research in this field. Its work informs policy makers as they grapple with the Public diplomacy and security challenges of the 21st century.

Mission statement

The Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD) is the leading Somali think tank with Security and diplomatic academy on international strategic affairs for the region. The institute provides public and private sector organisations with in-depth analysis of regional developments in the fields of economic diplomacy, international security and strategic planning initiatives. The Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD) specifically focuses on the position and the role of the Somali through Somali lenses.

Think, Analyse and Serve

The Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD) achieves its adage ‘to think, analyse and serve’ through research, training, consultancy and information dissemination. SIRAD Research acts in an advisory capacity to the Somali governments, parliaments, public organisations and the media, organising regular panels, conferences and seminars. SIRAD Academy runs graduate and undergraduate training programmes for a public and private audience, for International relations and Diplomacy in cooperation with International institutes, University and associations. The SIRAD Institute publishes a Somali-language monthly journal on a regional security and diplomacy issues, the Internationale Spectator, as well as a digital English-language newsletter.

Independent Forum

The Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy (SIRAD) is an independent institute and as such not affiliated with any political, social, or religious movement. As a neutral platform, the Institute is the ideal location for conferences and round tables, with the primary objective of enhancing the public debate on regional security and diplomacy as well as issues related to international security and cultural diplomacy through its networks and affiliates in the region.