Conflict Resolution Responses Of IGAD And AU To The The Somalia Crises

Somalia has been in a state of political and socio-economic crises since the demise of the central
government in 1991. What followed after the collapse of the state was intensification of violent civil war
among various political players supported by external powers. The civil war has invited the intervention
of regional and international actors seeking to restore peace and order in the country. In this regard,
IGAD and AU have played an important role in maintaining peace and security in the Horn of Africa in
general and in Somalia in particular. By and large, it can be argued that they have been successful in
mediating various competing political groups operating in Somalia to end the crises. In fact, their
conflict resolution efforts failed at the implementation and consolidation stages of conflict resolution.
This paper, therefore, attempts to describe and analyze the conflict resolution responses of IGAD and
AU in their effort to mitigate the Somalia crises. It concludes that IGAD and AU have played a key role to
maintain peace and security in the Horn region generally and in Somalia particularly. Therefore, their
conflict resolution response should be taken as a commendable achievement in building peace in

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