Professional Services

The strategic goals of the Institute of Security and Diplomacy

This four-day intensive course weekly, aims at giving participants an opportunity to develop a set of high-level unique skills necessary for international encounters. By the end of the course, participants shall feel empowered to conduct international relations at ease, let it be a meeting or a negotiation, by a better understanding of their diplomatic protocols to perform their professional duties.

The aim of the course is to provide its students with a sound foundation of skills and knowledge essential for their future career in the sphere of diplomacy, Security and Planning.

Who Should Attend, Somali Institute of Security, Diplomacy and Planning:

  • Public officials, diplomats and regional leaders
  • Current embassy personnel in Somalia and abroad
  • Corporate leaders, Executive officer and Financial Institutions for Client services
  • International organizations in Somalia & International staff in Somalia for cultural diplomacy
  • University students in the fields of politics, international relations and communication/public relations

Method of Somali Institute of Security and Diplomacy

Our intensive courses focus on gaining knowledge and skills for its practical application. The International School of Protocol & Diplomacy method has been proved to guarantee the mastering of contemporary protocol practices. These practical seminars are a combination of presentations, question and answer sessions and discussions carried out by a group of carefully selected academics, professionals and renowned experts in their respective security, diplomacy and planning fields. This approach ensures that in-depth discussions will lead to a richer and more comprehensive knowledge of the topics encountered.

6 Month Practical Courses: each Model (One week): Free scholarships are available based on need, but it is expected that governments, organizations or employers will support participants coming from their respective departments.

Core Values: The SIRAD Institute shall uphold the following core values as its guiding principles: Integrity and Honesty, Commitment, Professionalism, Pursuit of excellence, Teamwork.