The Strategic Security & Safety Programme for East Africa

The strategic Security and Safety  programme for East Africa



Arusha (SIRAD Institute) African Security Threat in Spotlight.


Just as terrorism and acts related to it continue to cause mayhem across the globe, the Arusha-based, East African Community (EAC) Secretariat is hosting a five day dialogue on Managing Security Resources on the continent.


Being held at the EAC Headquarters here, the East Africa Experts’ Dialogue is organized by the Africa Centre for Strategic Studies (ACSS) and runs from August 1 to 5, this year. The Africa Centre is a US Department of Defense institution established and funded by the US Congress for the study of security issues relating to Africa.


The ACSS also serves as a forum for bilateral and multilateral research, communication and exchange of ideas involving military and civilian participants. Addressing the participants at the official opening of the workshop this morning, the EAC Deputy Secretary General in charge of Political Federation, Mr Charles Njoroge, said the Community was proud to be associated with the dialogue.

The dialogue is expected to lay a firm foundation for more in-depth assessment at national levels on managing security resources.

Mr Njoroge said that while the EAC region was faced with a variety of asymmetrical security threats embedded in a more intra-state context but which is increasingly defying geographical boundaries, it was imperative that special attention be accorded to the competition for resources between security needs and traditional development.

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The Deputy Secretary General reiterated that the partnership between the EAC and ACSS was intended to avail expertise to the participants from studies in tested and tried contexts and which could provide a template within which they could address security as a development concern in the quest to create a safe and secure region.


The current Academic Dean at the ACSS, Dr Raymond Gilpin, hailed the EAC Secretariat and its leadership for partnering and providing excellent facilities to execute the strategic programme for East Africa.

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